History Commission

The History Commission of the U.S. National Section is led by Dr. Erick D. Langer, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Additional History Commission Members include:

  • Dr. Evan Ward, Brigham Young University
  • Dr. James Siekmeier, West Virginia University
  • Dr. Juana Moriel-Payne, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Timothy Schultz, United States Southern Command
  • Dr. Thomas C. Field, Jr., Embry-Riddle University

The aims of the History Commission are to

  1. Plan, conduct, and publish historical works on the Western Hemisphere experience.
  2. Contribute to the conservation of archaeological sites and historical monuments in the Americas.
  3. Promote the organization, preservation, and arrangement historical archives and museums.
  4. Supervise the publication of the PAIGH historical journal, Revista de Historia de América.
  5. Promote cooperation among individuals and institutions dedicated to studying the history of the Americas, as well as with related international organizations.


Recent activities of the History Commission include 

  • Evaluation and storage of U.S. History Commission archives
  • Editing, with Patricia Galeana and Andre Figueiredo Rodrigues, History of the Americas/Historia de América/Historia da América