Geophysics Commission

The Geophysics Commission of the US National Section is led by Jorge V. Bajo Sanchez, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Additional Geophysics Committee Members include:

  • Dr. Bettina Martinez-Hackert, SUNY College at Buffalo

The aims of the Geophysics Commission are to

  • Propose that an evaluation of the suggested objectives will be fulfilled by the end of the quarter during the Consultation Meeting.
  • Establish lively and rapid communication between the directive of the Geophysics Commission and the community of the area.
  • Promote the lively exchange between institutions of PAIGH Member States in order to study and resolve problems in their interests.
  • Continue with a great emphasis on the politics of formation of human resources and the obtainment of resources necessary for postgraduate level study.
  • Contact agencies and centers of superior study for the obtainment of Masters- and Doctorate-level grants in the different disciplines of Geophysics and establish respective bilateral agreements.
  • Propose that the Commission, by means of their Committees, assumes responsibility to update the directory of professionals that work in corresponding disciplines in Member States.
  • Continue the publication of the Geophysics Journal and encourage its distribution in digital form.
  • Examine the effectiveness of the Geophysics Journal through an analysis of publication standards, including its distrubution, in order to explore possible formatting modifications and innovations to obtain a higher popularity and growth in scientific level.
  • Incite the publication of the results of projects financed by the Commission in scientific journals.
  • Promote the development of interdisciplinary multinational projects between the distinct Commissions of PAIGH.


Recent activities of the US Geophysics Commission include:

  • Estudio batimétrico, hidrográfico y topográfico de la base del Lago Coatepeque, El Salvador, usando sondeo Mono-­‐Haz y un escaneo lateral SONAR (PI: Dr. Bettina Martinez-Hackert, 2016)
  • Aplicación de técnicas de detección remota al estudio geomorfológico y sedimentológico de los depósitos de corrientes de densidad piroclástica asociados a la erupción del 18 de mayo de 1980 del Monte Santa Helena (Washington, E.U) (PI: Dr. Damiano Sarocchi, 2016)