About the U. S. National Section

The US National Section was first established in XX.  More interesting history goes here.

Leadership of the U.S. National Section:

Our U.S. National Representative to the OAS is Erin Boyer, a third tour Economic Officer currently serving under the Political Counselor as the Mission’s Political Officer for Hemispheric Security.  Her responsibilities include representing the Mission on the OAS’s Committee on Hemispheric Security, and tracking U.S. equities in the Secretariat for Multidimensional Security (SMS).  SMS includes the Inter-American Commission Against Drug Abuse (CICAD), the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE), the Department of Public Security (DPS) and the Department on Transnational Organized Crime (DTOC).

Prior to serving in the Mission, Ms. Boyer served as the Special Assistant to the Coordinator for Economic Development and Assistance in U.S. Embassy Islamabad.  In this role, she tracked over $300 million in foreign assistance programed to increase stabilization and community resilience in Pakistan’s most vulnerable areas.  For her first tour, she served two years as a Consular Officer in U.S. Embassy Mexico City – one year in Non-Immigrant Visas (NIV), and one year in American Citizen Services (ACS).  In NIV, she administered an average of 120 non-immigrant visa interviews per day.  In ACS, she served as the Arrests and Detentions Officer and the Welfare and Whereabouts Officer in the busiest ACS section in the world.

President Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop is the Geographic Advisor at the U.S. Census Bureau where she is leading and directing a staff of 300 federal employees and 100 contractors in 24 branches. She is overseeing the Geographic Support System Initiative, a $400 million program that will enhance the Census Bureau’s future geographic operations. She is actively planning for the 2020 Census on a day-to-day basis. Throughout her career she has served as liaison to external stakeholders, with a current focus on international and national organizations, federal agencies, and state and local governments. Prior to her current position, Deirdre was the Assistant Chief of the Census Bureau’s Redistricting Data Office, where she managed the five phases of the Redistricting Data Program and acted as a primary liaison to state government officials. She coordinated the integrated activities of ten Census Bureau operating units to ensure accurate and timely distribution of the data for nationwide congressional redistricting.

Vice President Paul Cooper is an experienced leader in Hydrography, Geodesy, and Nautical Cartography with an exceptional record of applying new and existing technologies to production methodologies in international affairs. While as a career federal employee as Director of the Hydrographic Cooperation Program of the US Naval Oceanographic Office, he administered bilateral hydrographic surveying and charting agreements between the United States and 30 foreign nations. Cooper is experienced as a senior US representative, working issues within and across a broad spectrum of US government and International organizations, foreign hydrographic offices, and private contractors. He administered Bilateral Surveying and Charting agreements between the US and 30 foreign countries. He advised cooperating nations on survey plans, operations, and charting requirements. Cooper also represented the US on International Hydrographic Organization S44 Hydrographic Standards and Capacity Building Committees. He has been part of the US delegation for 5 International Hydrographic Conferences. Cooper serves as Chairman of the PAIGH Institutional Strengthening and Technical Cooperation Committee. He speaks, reads and writes Spanish, French and German. Paul Cooper is currently Vice President of CARIS USA, a world leader in Marine Geomatics.