Members of US National Section Win Prestigious Awards at recent CLAG

At the 35th Conference of the Latin American Geographers held this May in Costa Rica, Dr. Patricia Solís received the Enlaces Award, and Dr. David Salisbury received the Private Sector and Government Award. We heartily congratulate these two individuals on their tremendous achievements to support Latin American geography projects!



ENLACES Award: Given in recognition of contributions to improving relationships between geographers and geography departments throughout Latin America. Recipients will have demonstrated success and commitment towards this goal.



PRIVATE SECTOR & GOVERNMENT AWARD: Given in recognition of contributions to enhancing and disseminating knowledge of the geography of Latin America to professionals in government or the public in the private sector.


PAIGH announces its Technical Assistance Projects funded for 2018

Twenty-four different projects involving scholars and professionals from nine different countries have been funded through PAIGH’s Technical Assistance Program.  These cover the full range of PAIGH’s areas of activity, from historical atlases to the use of GPS to examine earthquake patterns along the Nazca plate near Peru.

We send congratulations to the recipients who were recommended by the US National Section, Bettina Martinez Hackert and Jorge Bajo, who will be using multi-beam scanners as they develop bathymetric, hydrographic, and topographic data from Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador.