USNS has 2019 National Meeting at Census Bureau

The United States National Section of PAIGH held the 2019 Annual Meeting on April 3, 2019 at the US Census Bureau in Suitland, MD.  Twenty-four members attended, most in-person and some virtually.  We were fortunate that Cesar Rodriguez Tomeo, Secretary General of PAIGH, was able to attend and provide a report of the organization as a whole. 

US National Section Hosts Session at AAG 2017 in Boston

Members of the US National Section held an information-sharing session, Learning About the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History through Grants, Research, and Collaboration, at the recent American Association of Geographer’s annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Participants included David Salisbury (University of Richmond), Dolly Garcia (US Census Bureau), Tim Trainer Graciela Sandoval (Texas State University, San Marcos), Timothy Trainor (US Census Bureau), and Diana Sinton (UCGIS).  The small audience was appreciative of the rich and informative discussion.

National Section Meeting for 2016

Membership from the US National Section of PAIGH held its 2016 annual meeting in Suitland, Maryland, home to the headquarters of the US Census Bureau. The 2-day event included presentations by members of the national Geography, History, and Geophysics Commission. Other topics discussed were the 2017 Project Proposal process and a strategic plan for the use of social media. Expanding and updating the section’s web presence is a priority.

One highlight of the meeting was a guided tour of the Historic Building of the Organization of the American States, plus a trip to its Museum.


The Meeting’s Agenda is available for download (2016 PAIGH USNS Annual Meeting Agenda) (pdf).

National Section holds 2015 Meeting in Buffalo

Our 2015 Annual Meeting was held in Buffalo, New York. Bettina Martinez-Hacket and Jorge Bajo hosted the gathering on the campus of the Buffalo State College.

Following dinner on the first day, intrepid travelers ventured to Niagara Falls and were mesmerized by frozen mist and glowing lights.


Copies of the Agenda (2015 PAIGH USNS Annual Meeting Agenda) and official Minutes (link will go here) are available for download.